Are supplements really necessary for a healthy lifestyle?


To answer the question, most people are not getting adequate vitamins and minerals in their diets. The reason many individuals are not getting enough nutrients can be attributed to the poor quality of conventionally grown produce and GMO foods.  (GMO’s stands for genetically modified organisms.) These organisms are made in a lab and alter the genetic makeup of a plant or animal. Check out this article GMO Foods - What you need to know from Consumer Reports for more information on GMO’s. Another reason for the lack of nutrients, is a diet relying on packaged food and the fast food industry for a considerable amount of calories per day. This type of diet will not provide what our systems need for nourishment. 

Even those individuals who are trying to eat healthy and nourish their bodies by eating fresh foods may still not be able to consume enough nutrient dense foods to meet the daily requirements for various health reasons. A common reason body systems may not be capable of absorbing the nutrients needed to help the body function normally is the Fight or Flight stress response. Read more about Fight or Flight stress here: Mayo Clinic - Stress Management


The types of supplements being taken can be an issue also because they may not be made with ingredients that are friendly to our body's absorption processes. Each individual needs to investigate their current health and begin the process of finding the nutrients missing and maybe identifying underlying gut issues that may be impeding the absorption process.

The first step would be to make an appointment for a Nutritional Therapy Assessment at The Balance Point to find out what is truly going on with each individual and then begin the process of identifying the vitamins and minerals that are lacking.

The Balance Point Article

Supplements and Good Manufacturing Practices
MuQi, owner of The Balance Point, has provided this article on the website about supplements and manufacturing processes. This article states currently there are no regulated industry standards to monitor the content of vitamins and supplements. Therefore, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) guidelines were introduced to:  "provide documented practices and procedures for the handling, manufacture, processing, testing, packaging, labeling, storage, and shipping of nutritional foods and dietary supplements. " - quote from: The Balance Point Supplements and Good Manufacturing Practices article

GMP is not a mandatory process and the companies complying are doing so on a voluntary basis. This tells you that they are concerned about the quality of their product and should be a reliable company to choose when purchasing vitamins and supplements.

Suggested Companies

Look for companies that practice safe and reliable manufacturing of essential vitamins and minerals without synthetics. And why is this important, you ask? The best possibility of absorbing the most nutrients into your system is to have natural ingredients (not synthetic) that your body can utilize.





Suggested Local Retailers

Locations that sell natural herbal supplements include Sprouts, Whole Foods Market and Natural Grocers.

As always, MuQi, welcomes any clients to have a Nutrition Therapy Assessment and discuss supplements and body nourishment to enhance the healing affects of his acupuncture, muscle balancing and massage treatments. You can contact MuQi at Vim 360.
Hopefully, you found some valuable information about supplements in this post.  Next month we will explore the benefits of and indications for acupuncture.