Food - 4th of the 7 Great Healers

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Words from MuQi

We die in a week or so without food. Each day it determines in large part how you feel. Don't diet! Adopt healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Food contains the body's energy sources and material for maintenance and repair. We need to balance fat content, starch content and consider inflammatory value in foods.

Signs of Imbalance

  • Disease
  • Lack of energy
  • Increased pain
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Weak bones
  • DNA mutation

-source The Balance Point

Investigate foods to make sure they are non-GMO. GMO foods have been linked to various illnesses and conditions. Look for Organic foods also, to help ensure that you are eating pesticide free.

A big challenge for most individuals is eating out. Beware of increased amounts of chemical additives that are known contributors to illness and/or weight problems compared to food prepared at home. Search menus for the "lighter" food sections and choose healthy fruit and vegetable options, if available.

You should also consider obstacles to reaching your daily requirements. Fight or flight symptoms and stress will inhibit absorption therefore, make certain you are relaxed when eating. Moreover, make certain you are breathing during your meals. The body needs oxygen for digestion and absorption.

If you are still having difficulty meeting your daily vitamin and mineral needs, try eating more nutritious foods or liquify your food. For additional help, you might consider supplements. Contact MuQi for suggestions of supplements to help meet daily requirements.