Sleep – 3rd of the 7 Great Healers

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Organ failure leading to death can be attributed to sleep deprivation. If you can't sleep, your body can't heal. Sleep has a powerful impact on your emotional well-being. Important hormones and enzymes are produced during sleep, including Human Growth Hormone, that rejuvenates organ systems. This occurs during REM sleep, the dreams stage. We need a regular schedule, 7-8 hours, and short dreams.

Signs of imbalance:

  • irritability
  • daytime fatigue
  • poor brain function
  • memory loss
  • weight gain
  • despair
  • accidents

The above link lists reasons for poor sleep quality and we have listed them below.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Traditional Chinese Medicine views almost all sleep disorders as stemming from either a deficiency in qi or from a surplus of qi in body organs, mainly the kidneys and heart.
Causes of Insomnia from TCM Perspective

Kidney Energy (qi) Deficiency
The kidneys, like all the body's organs, store energy. When the kidney's ability to store energy is compromised, sleep disorders can result. According to TCM, kidney energy deficiency can prevent the kidney from holding the energy inside. When this happens, the energy ascends and disturbs the heart (spirit). This, in turn, keeps the person awake.
As a person gets old, as part of the natural aging process, the energy reserves of the kidney are depleted. The energy can be restored by taking remedies that tonifies the kidneys. This is done primarily with herbal remedies. In addition, qigong postures and exercises are beneficial to the kidneys, and can thus help the sleep process.

Deficiency of Endorphins
Studies have shown that some insomnia may be due to a deficiency of endorphins (the body's own natural painkillers), and thus acupuncture is often a useful therapy. During acupuncture, patients tend to become drowsy or even fall asleep, possibly because of increased levels of central nervous system endorphins.
Injury Due to Emotional Excesses. Some violent emotions impair liver qi, which stagnates, transforms into fire, invades heart shen and causes mental derangement and insomnia.

Improper Diet
Excess consumption of greasy or sweet foods can result in the retention of fluids and phlegm in the stomach, causing stomach qi malfunctioning and, eventually, insomnia. [Another sleep interrupter can be chemicals in GMO foods that can effect the liver and nervous system functions.]

Senility or Blood Qi Deficiency of the Heart
Palpitation and insomnia are the result of exhaustion of liver and kidney essence. If vital essence is prevented from replenishing the heart, the breakdown of the normal physiological coordination between the heart and the kidneys will occur. These conditions may also result in excess heart fire or blood qi deficiency in the heart and gallbladder. Anyone of these scenarios can manifest as fear and timidity on the part of the patient.

Body's Natural Daily Cycle
Traditional Chinese Medicine also stresses the need to observe the body's natural daily cycle. (Similar to ayurveda, Indian system of medicine.) The "organ time clock" specifies certain times for restoring the energy of certain organs:

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11:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. for the gallbladder
1:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. for the liver
3:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M. for the lungs
5:00 A.M. to 7:00 A.M. for the large intestine


It helps to go to bed early for optimum benefits. 9:00 P.M. [10:00 P.M.] sleep time is the most preferable. -quote from

Hopefully, this information will help you sleep like a baby. Please go to the contact page if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with MuQi at The Balance Point.