Relationships – 6th of the 7 Great Healers

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7 Great Healers

Relationships: Meaningful relationships create cherished memories that bring joy during happy times, and strength and peace enduring difficult times.  Avoid negative, pessimistic or superficial people; they drain your energy. Meaningful relationships energize us!

-  Source, The Balance Point

How Toxic Relationships Affect your Health according to Science

The Whitehall II study, a landmark body of research followed more than 10,000 people for over 12 years and confirmed that the link between toxic relationships, stress, and your health is real. Those who were in negative relationships were at greater risk of developing heart problems, including dying from heart attacks and strokes, than those whose close relationships were not negative. Humans have adapted something called conserved transcriptional response to adversity (CTRA), a type of gene expression that's associated with inflammation and low immunity. So if you were being chased by a predator, CTRA allowed for some helpful short-term benefits, such as increased healing, physical recovery, and the increased likelihood of survival.

- Source, Whitehall II Study

If you have identified a toxic relationship in your life this article can help with some actions you can take to resolve the situation. Follow the link above to find our more about choices such as mindfulness and boundaries.