The Balance Point Experience


MuQi has been treating clients for over 18 years. His business, The Balance Point is unique because he addresses the whole body using a variety of techniques. This holistic approach allows the client to heal, which results in a more desired outcome from the acupuncture, muscle balancing, and massage therapy treatments.

What to expect in The Balance Point experience

A session with Muqi will involve a conversation to explore healing practices that the client can implement into their daily lives. He will address diet and other environmental factors that could cause physical limitations or other pain/discomfort in the body. This discussion will lead to a treatment plan performed to address the clients needs.  These treatments will include acupuncture and/or massage, along with muscle balancing and the application of essential oils.

The Balance Point Experience also includes:

  1. Someone who will listen
  2. Someone who will teach
  3. Isolate the root source of the condition

Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Muscle Balancing and Essential Oils


A massage at The Balance Point will be different from what you have experienced before. MuQi will implement therapeutic practices used to create balance in the body.  Acupuncture, muscle balancing and essential oils may all be incorporated during the massage therapy session.

Acupuncture will be incorporated in your session if conducive to your treatment plan.  To find out more about Acupuncture and what will be included in your visit, follow this link: Acupuncture Information from The Balance Point

MuQi uses a technique called muscle balancing to find imbalances in the body and develop a treatment strategy. Muscle imbalance identification helps with the healing process and to identify misalignments in the body that may be causing pain or other symptoms.


Essential Oils Information from The Balance Point link describes the healing effects of essential oils as part of the treatment plan. These oils are specifically picked to be included in the treatment strategy and may be applied to the skin or diffused in the air during the treatment time.


MuQi Quintanilla

MuQi Quintanilla

I encourage you to visit The Balance Point website to get more detailed information on all aspects of MuQi's practice. Please contact Vim 360 to make an appointment to visit MuQi at The Balance Point.