Water - 2nd of the 7 Great Healers

We are now on the 2nd of the Seven Great Healers, which is water. Since our body is made of mostly water, it is only natural that we should provide it with the very best choice of water. If you have shopped any stores recently in the water aisle, there are many choices. Are there really that many different kinds of water? Is there any difference in those and tap water. MuQi gives his suggestions for the best drinking water below.

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Alkaline water is best...spring water is the least acidic...filtered water is a must. It is not true that you can drink "too much" water as long as you are eliminating. Drinking large amounts of water in a short period w/o elimination (urination) can be life threatening.

Without water we die in a matter of days and water is essential to everything your body does, including: nutrient absorption, blood flow, respiration elimination and ability to see and hear. Persons enduring stressful situations, persons suffering illness, and those who are dehydrated require about 1 quart per 50lbs of body weight.

Signs of Imbalance:

  • pain
  • dry skin
  • premature aging
  • low urine
  • strong smelling urine
  • fatigue
  • high blood pressure
  • acne
  • faintness
  • frequent illness
  • muscle weakness
  • dry eyes
  • constipation

These symptoms occur because the cells and tissue require water for proper function, but they also occur because of accumulating toxins. We are in a constant state of cleansing, so our water intake must be constant and consistent. Pain can also be a symptom of dehydration. The body will always direct what water we drink to the vital organs first, since that is what keeps us alive. As difficult as it may be, we can survive without having limbs, so, these are the secondary regions to be hydrated. If we lack water, muscles and tendons will be dehydrated causing tension lack of mobility and pain! - MuQi, The Balance Point

Drinking Water Benefits

Health benefits of drinking water include the maintenance of pH balance, body temperature [even in cold seasons], metabolism, breathing, prevention of constipation, heartburn, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, backaches and osteoporosis. It is required in excess amounts for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It also plays important roles in kidney function and skin tone.

Water is an essential component of our body and plays a vital role in maintaining the pH balance of the body, metabolic processes, delivering useful products and clearing waste products, while functioning essentially in nearly all major organ systems of the body.

Abundant Resource

The health benefits of water have been accepted by medical experts across the globe. It is the most abundant compound present on this earth. All living forms, in some way or another, require water for their metabolic activities. It plays vital roles in our body and it is impossible to imagine the existence of an individual without water. The human body contains 2/3 water by weight. Blood, muscles, brain matter and bones are also composed of 83%, 75%, 74% and 22% of water, respectively.

Water plays an essential role in the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, excretory and nervous systems, along with metabolic reactions, maintenance of skin components and a prevention of a number of disorders.Organic Facts