Assessment is the key to proper healing., and comprehensive assessments should provide specific nutrients the body needs without burdening it with too many supplements to assimilate. We use two types of assessments in order to target the cause of your body’s imbalance, the Meridian stress assessment and pulse evaluation. This enables us to recommend supplements that will assist your body in healing without unnecessarily selling you supplements that simply treat the symptoms.

Meridian Stress Assessment

Micro-current technology is incorporated in this comprehensive evaluation. This is a full body evaluation using a computer program and acupuncture points to assess and identify nutritional deficiencies that may lead to illness. The assessment allows us to know which herbals and botanicals to utilize to bring your body systems back in to balance in order to support and accelerate your body's natural healing process.

Pulse Evaluation

This method has been used for over three thousand years in the Orient. It utilizes pulse points on the wrist, which are associated with various body systems. The pulse evaluation helps us to know which body systems are out of balance, helps determine possible causes of these imbalances, and also helps us determine which acupuncture points are best to use to treat the chief complaint.