"Due to the long hours and stress during the final weeks of tax season I began experiencing severe back pain and muscle spasms that were growing progressively worse -- to the point I was not able to sit at my desk for more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time. I contacted MuQi at The Balance Point and set an appointment with him. After the first session I gained almost unbelievable relief the very same day! I have now had three sessions and am almost completely pain free. I have been impressed with MuQi's knowledge and professionalism and heartedly recommend him, as I already have, to anyone experiencing such discomfort. Thanks, MuQi!"

Richard T. Robinson (CPA) | Tulsa, Oklahoma

"My husband has been suffering from muscle loss in his extremities. He had lost the ability to snap his fingers together; there simply wasn't enough strength in his hands. After being on a program with MuQi at The Balance Point, he once again is able to "snap." We both utilize MuQi's services because we feel so much better. We always know when it's time to visit him again because of how we feel and simply can't wait because we know of the relief it brings to us. I have been suffering from esopageal problems which seemed to be getting worse and happening more frequently. But acupuncture with MuQi has brought a great amount of relief! I am so thankful; we both are. My husband and I don't know where we would be without the help of MuQi."

S.P. | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I have been going to MuQi at The Balance Point for acupuncture treatments, nutritional advice, and homeopathy for approximately six years. It all started when I lost vision in my right eye, and through acupuncture and homeopathy I was able to give my body the support it needed to heal. Because of my diagnosis of MS five years ago, he has seen me through numb arms and legs, lack of muscle control, and fatigue. He has helped me to deal with the symptoms of the disease through his knowledge of getting the body back into balance through acupuncture and strengthening my immune system through nutrition. Now, because my body is stronger, I have fewer issues from the MS and have been able to have little progression in my symptoms. He has helped me so much that my doctor has encouraged me to continue to see MuQi because of the improvements she sees in me after the acupuncture. I have encouraged many friends and family to see him because of all the help he has given me over the years."

Yvonne S. (Doula/Monitrice) | Tulsa, Oklahoma